In the pink... How Jane and Beryl tackle pink, and oh yes red too...
(with a nod to St Valentine)

Time was when pink was the preserve of little girls in ballet classes, and no glamorous grown up ventured beyond a pale pink cashmere polo neck sweater, but times are a changing and pink is now the 'it' colour of spring 2017. So here Jane and Beryl explore the joys and pitfalls of all things of a rosy hue.

Not all pinks are created equal...

                                                                                                                                                             This skirt which is £49 from M&S in their spring collection, is a lovely brightening shell pink. Beryl is rocking two trends here, or maybe even four: pink, spring florals, electric blue, and a pair of Manolo-esque shoes £59 from Jasper Conran at Debenhams, no wonder she is smiling.

Jane and Beryl's favourite hue, Jane is posing again with the only bit of truly pink decor in the vicinity, Jane's fuchsia pink Zara fine knit jumper at £12.99 was an absolute steal two weeks ago. Worn here with her M&S trews £35 (but they've all gone in the sale!), and Nike trainers bought half price in the sale.

Beryl's trotter's again, this time in this season's M&S
caramel pink shoes £55,
worn with Top shop sawn off embroidered jeans £59 (still available)

The most fashionable tones at present are dusky shades, however a word of warning, if they are
close to your skin colour, you may instantly become the invisible woman. These have to be brighter than your
 skin tone, otherwise they 
become 'peige', Beryl's new made up word for for a combination of pink and beige. Jane and Beryl suggest that you ask the question, does this brighten my skin? Sadly these pinks can end up the colours of dead fish, and no one wants to look like something found on a platter with a flaccid half twist of cucumber.

Jane looking like a old trout. What a shocker. This hideous top comes from Hobbs, but ably illustrates that skin coloured clothing worn near the face, is a dreadful mistake. Jane also looks strangely naked, bringing to mind well... flesh. 

What does pink go with?

Jane has pinched Beryl's latest find, a pyjama style printed shirt from New Look which she hoiked out for £19.99. Combining dusky pink with black is a great way to get a bit of pink on board without going the whole hog.

And here she is again in the same colour combo but with a bit more of the dusky pink. Once more, it is best kept away from the face where it does not have the draining effect of its fleshy tones. The skirt was from Zara several seasons ago (£39.99), shoes also from that esteemed emporium £39.99, top from Clements Ribera and jacket Top Shop by Kate Moss, of ancient vintage. The top Jane and Beryl particularly love, the flesh coloured lining is part of the act, but combined is more subtle than either colour alone. 


Jane and Beryl, however, are nervous of dusky pink where weddings are concerned. This colour has become the 'go to' wedding colour, and therefore ought to be avoided for nuptials on principle. Jane is often quoted as saying that 'one should work out what everyone else will be wearing, and then wear the exact opposite'. Extreme perhaps, but you get her drift. Jane and Beryl do not want you turning up to some gorgeous summer wedding only to find 10 other women with the same pale idea. This is the 2017 version of all those 90s navy and white outfits.

Debenhams mannequins are looking decidedly Grace Brothers.

       Are you being Served?

Mixing pinks

Mixing hot pink and pale pink however is a fabulous idea. This instantly dispels any hint of a girly infant in favour of sophisticated woman. Beryl is wearing a hot pink Joules jumper £39 in the sale, and her floral Laura Ashley coat circa 2009. The pink scarf is this season's and cost £22 from M&S. 

And just because it is Valentine's Day... 
Beryl is balancing precariously on a bed with a large gap down the back. Despite her attention seeking behaviour, she is doubtful that her husband will notice Valentine's Day again, as usual. The dress is from the Pretty Dress Company, and they do a version every year for around £129. This is well constructed and expensive looking dress for the the money and suits women with lady bumps. 

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