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Jane hasn't been a fan of the January Sales since they became the December Sales and in fact, even before that when it occurred to her that if no one else wanted it, she didn't either. Too many times had she been tempted to buy pieces just because they were cheap (see below) so she has largely given up Sale-shopping as a healthy occupation for the Woman Of A Certain Age. The exception to this is if she can answer 'yes' to the question: is this something I wanted to buy in November but didn't quite get around to it? (this year, over the knee boots) or will I need it at some point between now and next Christmas? (but this only applies to wrapping paper, crackers and cards). Beryl's sale experience is a mixed bag. Some items have been stellar, while others are a reminder of her faults; greed and avarice being the main contenders. Here are some of our sale purchases, the good the bad and the ugly.

The good (we think…) 

Beryl is optimistic about this purchase. A Paul Smith dress bought for £89 rather than its original £245. Part of the attraction is that Beryl has not owned anything by Paul Smith before, and she likes a knocked down designer buy, regardless of whether it fits and flatters. (Jane says, 'sucker'). The Zara shoes bought last year in the sale were £12, and certainly have earned their keep. Beryl does not like inexpensive shoes, (sorry, there are moments when she has to nail her colours to the flag), mostly because fit and comfort always seem to be sacrificed. Jane's beef with this frock (and she wasn't present when Beryl bought it, she might add), is that the embellished neck, while undeniably pretty, 
may limit its usage.

Jane bought this top before Christmas when the shops were getting desperate for customers and were offering, in this case, 30% off which made it £40. It was quite useful in the run-up to the big day, but has actually come into its own since Christmas as a sort of dull, everyday bit of kit.

How apt that Beryl is looking wistfully into the middle distance, because this bought for £75 from Hobbs, is her dream coat. It is the most beautiful ultra-marine colour and its lack of extraneous detail, works well on her Hobbit-like proportions. Hugely successful has been Beryl's sale shoe shopping, your feet do not have fat days, and Beryl often waits for the sale for a pair of LK Bennett court shoes, which fit her feet well. This is helped by her diminutive trotters; size 3s. Here, she wears her Dune leopard shoes, with the blue coat, for no other reason than it's a little unexpected. These actually came unworn from the R.S.P.C.A, and coat £12.

The bad (naughty but nice)

The bad, items that you really don't need, and are bought because of the lure of the knockdown price. Jane and Beryl try to listen to the changing room voices, which say: 'Its too big, too small, too hot, too young…' and not the ones that say, 'Buy me, buy me.' Sadly, we don't always manage this, hence Beryl's repetitive shoe buying collection, which she could not leave on the sale rack.  

The ugly (poor purchasing…)

Jane was caught in a buying frenzy last year in her favourite shop on the King's Road, namely Ghost, and this was one of three tops she bought that day (the other two have been worn to threads). This one, however, despite its beautiful cerise colour, is not a winner it's just too big and makes her look even more top-heavy than she is or deserves. She paid £35 (reduced to half price). 

Ok, this is the ugly which Beryl bought before Christmas, when she was allowed out of the care home without a carer (Jane), and this is the result. Beryl can not help herself, when it comes to sparkly items purchased near the big day. Every year she declares that she will not fall for the sequin heffalump trap, but did, to the tune of 55 quid in French Connection, half its original price. The main problem, it does not suit her body! There is no suggestion of a waist in this, and it cuts her off in the wrong place, her tiny little legs looking even shorter: the full Max Wall effect.  Sequin tops in our experience are either too square and shapeless, exhibit A (above), or too clingy and revealing of lumps and bumps, exhibit B.

This one was once perfect on both Beryl and Jane and while not terrible now, is perhaps past its best. It came from Whistles sale for £80 (half price) many moons ago, and has been worn in many climes: Dubai, America, New Zealand, and should really have its own blog, Jane saw it from a London taxi, and jumped out and bought it. It's partly the sheer shininess of these tops which seem to blow the body up like a balloon or giant disco ball. 


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