M&S - The Spring Edit

 What has Auntie Spencer got that the WOACA might 
wear this spring?
    Jane and Beryl try on a mixed bunch.

Yellow coat £79. Shoes £25. 
Now our Bezza is quite happy in this yellow coat, which shouts spring. But she didn't put it in the 'to buy' pile or even in the 'possibles'. While it ticked the bright box, and was a reasonable price, she wondered if it wasn't a bit of a one trick pony. Great clothes have the ooh factor, and there was just something lacking, not to mention wrinkly sleeves. Are they too tight, has Beryl suddenly grown the arms of a Sumo wrestler?A version of the floral shoes are however on Beryl's spring hit list, these just didn't happen to be a great fit. Back to the rails for Beryl. 

Cricket jumper £29. Grey net maxi skirt £35. Shoes £45
Our intrepid duo actually liked all the components of this look. The cricket jumper - such a hot item this spring - at £29 was a bargain and a comfortable one at that as it's 100 per cent cotton. The skirt, which also comes in dead salmon, was also a great bit of kit and Jane is wondering why she didn't buy that, ditto the shoes which were like wearing slippers. Actually, that's why: they are called something like 'Comfort Foot" which made Jane think of elderly care homes...

Sage green trousers £45. Top £29
Talking of care homes, shall we discuss these trousers, which are clearly having some sort personal  identity crisis. Are they flared, are they baggy, are they wash 'n'wear?  Oh dear, Beryl has accidentally wandered into a pair of slacks, 30 years too early. In contrast, the pocket rocket fell in 'fabric love' with this top, which was added to the bag. Small word of warning however, the flutey sleeves are annoying and have ended up in the coleslaw already.

Limited Edition £49.50. Pink shoes £55.
Great Gatsby! Jane and Beryl love the idea of this dress, but the reality is less forgiving. In fact Beryl has  photoshopped her nipples out of this picture, which is a new experience. And there lies the problem with this garment, it just isn't hiding any lady lumps.  
 Also can we discuss necklines. So many are high this season, and like many a woman, Beryl needs her jumper-lumpas broken up by a scoop or a vee, to prevent a dress like this becoming truly square. However, Jane and Beryl love, love, love, the dusky pink high cut shoes, which are coming home in the bag, bunion covering and ladylike, they are Beryl's latest style crush.  

Navy blue trench coat £79.

There are items that are undisputedly M&S's forte, and this trench Macintosh is one of them. These should be 'standard issue' for a wet day spent commuting.  Alexa Chung chose a 1940's archive trench in green gaberdine for her M&S collection, which Beryl is still lusting after.  Jane and Beryl are not sure you particularly get more for your money with a more prestigious brand. 

Top £35. 

Cream jacket £79, blue floral top £19.50, jeans £29.50.

Jane had not considered that a day in M&S would be a blue bird day, but in fact so it proved to be with these jeans, which weren't a bad fit and greatly enlivened by the embroidery which is very of the moment. The top was a bit bland and Jane would never consider this, but the jacket pulled the whole outfit together with its rough linen weave: another M&S staple.

Mustard Mac £45.

 More Mac action, this time in mustard. Beryl and Jane are a house divided on the subject of mustard.

Jacket £69.
Let's face it, Jane and Beryl are scraping the bottom of a meagre barrel. Would Beryl buy this dress? Hell no, and for two reasons. One the short sleeve is a very dodgy length and reminded Beryl of that sort of short sleeved blouse that the genuinely elderly sport during the all too brief high summer. And two, this nylon encasement does not mix with the menopause, say no more. Beryl did however like the blazer, which is another example of the sort of bit of kit which M&S do well. 

Dress £89

Verdict, Jane and Beryl are sorry to say that the range that has them reaching for their wallets is limited. In mitigation they do often see nicer items in the bigger stores and as it is early in the season, perhaps it has some more tricks up its capacious sleeves. Again Jane and Beryl suspect that M&S have a hazy idea about who is their core customer. If two middle-aged ladies from the Shires are struggling, who are they dressing exactly?

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