Getting shirty with it... 

The printed shirt is a recent arrival in Beryl's wardrobe, like a rare migratory bird it has arrived with stealth and little fanfare. Beryl has been slow to adopt the printed shirt, partly because it can come off a bit ...well... village flower rota.

 Jane would like to be a fan, but cannot find any to suit. Something to do with collars and being square (shape we are told, rather than her attitude). However, there are a new generation of printed shirts out there, loose and sensuous and often printed with things other than flowers, they are suddenly what our fashionistas are wanting to wear. They are soooo easy to fling on with a multitude of bottom halves and are especially good on Fat Days. 

Beryl's top purchase of last year, is this Pazuki shirt, the price of which Beryl will not admit. Here it is shown with her velvet sale Laura Ashley suit £100. This shirt has become Beryl's go to, bit of kit, appearing with jeans, pencil skirts and as a dressed up option with velvet.

  Rummaging through her daughter's wardrobe, Jane found this old Zara shirt which Cassie had purloined, but Jane is planning to steal it back. It is at least 10 years old so Jane feels vindicated at last for keeping all her stuff - what goes around does, indeed, come around, you never know what you might find liking among the moth balls and the dust.

This shirt with shooting stars, came from Top Shop last year for £32, and is a good example of the way in which designers are updating this basic. The pattern and navy blue piping give the shirt a pyjama vibe, which is very of the moment. If this were small patterned or floral, it would instantly look more dated and predictable. The M&S skirt cost £1, in a charity shop. Here Beryl is sporting a look that she does not usually wear, a fitted shirt,  which is on loan. Beryl is pleasantly surprised and feels a bit power dressy and competent, all of which is a new feeling.   

 This baby is the creme be la creme of shirts. Made of silk, it was bought second hand for £40 and was designed by English Eccentrics. A large silk shirt with jeans is incredibly easy dressing that will take you anywhere. 

This Zara shirt (£29.99) is worn at least once a week. Ok it's not exciting but Beryl can not fault it's wearability, and since Jane and Beryl are all about wearability, it's a wardrobe 10. Beryl has also had the audacity to wear it with heels and ponce off to the pub.

On to the hight street to bring you its offerings... First stop is Warehouse, where Jane is feeling comfy but not overwhelmed by this very synthetic shirt.  

However, she then found this pyjama-style version on their bargain rail for a tenner, and it's beautiful sky blue background beckoned to her her and it found it's was into her shopping bag. A bit square maybe, but Beryl says that that is how pyjamas are and she must put up and shut up. She has.

This Clarice blouse comes from Jane's latest find (thank you, Steph!) The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, that has the most delightful website for those of us who love a bit of Chatinooga Choo Choo while we shop. It costs £39 and is based on an original 40s pattern, as is all of their collection.

What the High Street had to offer was a bit of a mixed bag: the Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly. And prices were quite a range too with M&S coming in at a mere £19.50 but Monsoon's pure silk versions nearly £80 and not even that attractive.

Both Oasis £38

Both Monsoon £79  
M&S £19.50 

Jane and Beryl found these shirts in one of their old haunts Hungerford, in a shop called White CoCo.  These are similar prices to Monsoon (£70-£75) but are way more unusual and interesting.

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