Beryl and Jane have broken out into a little all-white wearing of late. In their 30s and 40s even white jeans, fell prey to small sticky fingers and over-enthusiastic terriers, but occasionally on a nice sunny day now, an all white outfit seems just the thing. 

Massimo Dutti blazer 99 Euros and skirt 89 Euros.
Top Charity Shop Principals £4, Espadrilles Phase Eight £59 
Oh, the joy of Jane's Delphinium patch. Jane and Beryl are rather pleased with this cobbled together outfit, which involves last year's Massimo Dutti skirt and a this year's blazer from the same source. The piping on the Principles charity shop top, has an English boating feel. Jane thinks that Beryl ought to wear it to Henley, with some 'sensible shoes' and a boater. Beryl is tempted. 

Dress TKMaxx, £24.99, scarf vintage Droopy & Brown, shoes M&S £29.50
Ok, ok, not strictly white, but in Jane's book anything this pale counts, so there. The silk dress is so comfortable to wear and, as it is not snow white, it overcomes the fear that it will look grubby, (and in fact it is washable). PS Jane is trying out as an extra in
 The Durrells...

Blazer as before, trousers Massimo Dutti 60 Euros, top £1.50,
 Longparish Village Fete. Flipflops £12  TK Maxx
Beryl has always wanted a white trouser suit, but has been haunted by the spectre of John Travolta. She has added Jane's sparkly top, so now Liberace is raising his ugly head instead. This is of course the slight worry about the wearing of a white suit. Will everyone think that the wearer has a rather high opinion of herself.  Obviously no one would ever think this of the incredibly camera shy and modest Jane and Beryl. 

Jacket Top Shop via the charity shop £15, trousers Debenhams $40,
 blouse stolen from daughter Top Shop, plimsolls  Converse £45
Her next audition is for Top Hat... but Jane is mixing her whites with creams here, which she thinks works just as well. And ok it's Top Shop not St Laurent, but heck, who cares?

Vintage embellished coat £60

This vintage coat which someone has seen fit to be-jewel, always makes Beryl think dreamily of India. So far in her life Beryl has not been any nearer to India than watching Indian Summers. She is however ever hopeful, and did wear it to Jane's 'Best Exotic Curry Night'.  

Top from a holiday many moons ago, trousers Miss Sugar £49, Converses £45

What is Jane auditioning for next? The Pyjama Game? Never mind, she is cool, comfortable and doesn't give a damn!

Beryl thinks that she is probably too old for this Zara broderie anglais top £22, but it whispered to her from the clothing rail, and she was powerless to resist. Needless to say she adores it, probably because it is slightly inappropriate. 

Top from Top Shop, trousers the White House Designers Sale £65,
trench M&S via charity shop £15, shoes Top Shop vintage £15
A white trench in the summer is a must-have, says Beryl (Jane doesn't have one), as it can go anywhere and do anything. This is the all-singing, all-dancing version as it utterly fits the bill and was even a bargain. By the way, these brogues are ancient and rather grubby, but details like that never show up in photographs (not the same for creases, sadly). 


What do Jane and Beryl think about the wearing of white dresses with the owning of a bus pass looming? Fabulous, as long as there is no hint of the Timotee ad' or the milkmaid. This white Jaegar dress which cost £70 (second hand) is quite grown up and sophisticated or at least in Beryl's imagination. The cut thread work (Jane's being pedantic again) adds texture and interest. 

Jane and Beryl are glad to hear any WOACA dilemmas or comments. Next week Jane and Beryl are to and about embracing the Great British outdoors. 

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