June is busting out all over...  Nothing cheers up an overcast day like a floral. Minimalists will quake with fear, but maximalists like Jane and Beryl can not get enough of the best flower show in town. Oriental, ditsy, winsome or splashy, Jane and Beryl are in full bloom.

Zara kimono £29.99, Ghost dress £120, Zara shoes £29.99

 Shirley Bassey? Gandalf on acid? No, just Jane poncing around the garden in her latest Zara creation. Right on the fashion button with its kimono styling and its Oriental bloom, Jane sees this as a coverall to end all coveralls. She plans to wear it to an evening wedding reception, but makes no promises because if it's cold and wet (more than possible), she will be reverting to a long-sleeved dress and cardi (Jane will not suffer for fashion whereas Beryl...)

Yummi Jumpsuit £35, M&S sandals £19.50

Oh what now... Beryl has bought another jumpsuit and is rather pleased with herself. This Yummi sale item is an unexpected triumph, brilliant armpit and jumper-lumpa coverage, it makes our pint-sized diva's stumpy legs look as though they go on forever. Those who love nothing more exciting than a grey Tee-shirt need not apply. 

White House Designers Sale top £25, Gap jeans £49.99

Beryl had to wrench Jane away from dead heading the roses, but in this top Jane's world is rosy. Its crinkly cotton makes it a great holiday purchase, cool and stomach covering in preparation for all the pasta eating contest which will be Jane and Beryl's holiday. 

SOS Jensen jacket £24 in a charity shop.

Beryl has a sneaky feeling that this mac, may be her best and most joyous purchase of the season. Lets face it, a British summer can feel a bit like an extended spell in Jeremy Fisher's larder. Even as she stands here the storm clouds gather, but this raincoat, might actually scare them off.  


Caroline Charles vintage top £18, cast-off trousers from her daughter £10 Italian market stall,
 Zara shoes as before
Beryl says that these trousers are Florals for Beginners, as what could possibly go wrong with a pair of baggy, cheap, elasticated-waist trews from a market? But oh, the joy of them, as after all they are really pyjamas. Maybe Jane will also have room for some tiramisu? 

M&S dress £49, cardi Great Plains £55. Shoes Karen Millen £130

Beryl's making a splash in this fresh, bold print. The dress is from this season's M&S Occasions Collection, although as Beryl and Jane have discovered if they wait for an occasion it will never get worn.  It is a pretty good facsimile of a 1950's sun dress of which Beryl is very fond and is a great fit. 

Charity shop blouse, Principles, £2.99, White House Designers Sale cardi, £32,
 Gap jeans as above, Next shoes £38

Spotted by that inveterate charity shop shopper, Jane's mother, this blouse has filled a gap in Jane's wardrobe (is there such a thing, she hears you cry), as a useful conjunction item. As for the shoes, Jane spotted these in Vogue and it was instant love. A rubbish fit on Jane's awkward trotters, but she thinks she might have to just put them in a frame and ooh and ahh at them, they are sooo pretty. 

M&S shoes this season £55
 This dress was a great buy, by any standards. Bought in Cadogan in Winchester at least 10 years ago, it seems to constantly reinvent itself as fashionable. When Erdem brought out ditsy prints 5 years ago, Beryl wore it again. 2017 and it's back on Beryl's back, because of its combination of a tiny flowers, ruffles, pink and an uneven hem, could any more fashion trends be contained in one garment?    

Floral linen jeans Next £32, White Company £65,
Pumps Mistral £40

Beryl has been slow to adopt the floral trouser. Somewhere lurking in her psyche is a Sloane Ranger, Yummy Mummy, sporting a pair circa 1986. However having bitten the pain of that particular bullet, these Next linen jeans of last summer are frequently worn and practical on 'inclement' days.  

Tops made from Vintage Table cloths, Velvet Rose, Whitchurch £60

Beryl and Jane are always delighted to discuss fashion dilemmas, and are available for shopping away days, please contact them by leaving a comment on the blog. Next week Jane and Beryl propound the joys of wearing white.

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  1. Beautiful outfits! I love the colours, patterns and they are all chic!





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