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Jane and Beryl are in a pre-holiday shopping frenzy. They are not claiming that this is a good idea, just that the buying and preparing is half the fun. To limit the damage, they are shopping in TK Maxx, the save shoppers' first port of call. Obviously, shopping here is an acquired taste and not for the faint-hearted, as a certain amount of wading and rummaging comes with the territory. The reward, however, is classier kit at supermarket prices. Sometimes Jane and Beryl wonder why they go anywhere else. 

Jane has already gone off piste and as she is a sucker for a full-on ball frock even in the broiling heat, and this dress came in at  £69.99 which would have been great had she a ball to go to in Italy. It had a knitted fabric bodice and a very pretty skirt, which was sadly made of some rather hot and itchy manmade fabric. Beryl says this design would be a good chest minimiser as it would expand to fit. This was an XL which was only slightly too big, and although the store does some great deals in the evening wear category, often the sizes are extremely limited.

Beryl is off to Italy with Jane, so is looking for a Dolce Vita vibe for her summer wardrobe,  but this little dress at £25 could equally go to Cornwall. This dress came in the nice, but not  stunning camp, its skirt being a little skimpy to please our vintage-loving shopper. Beryl has learnt not to buy also rans, via bitter experience. If you find yourself saying, "oh, this is quite nice," but it is not actually making your heart beat faster, do not buy it. If you are still in doubt score the item between 1 and 10, gradually you will only buy 9 and 10's. This advice has helped the spendaholic Beryl buy less, (well, a little less).

Let's talk about serial buying, says Beryl rather sniffily, as she surveys Jane in these white 

t-shirts. Jane loves white tops in all their myriad guises and these two linen 
tees were £14.99 each and just the thing for the Italian countryside (Jane snapped them up before Beryl could protest further). 

Jane is wearing them with an incredibly comfy pair of floppy trousers which were also £14.99: Jane did not make a purchase, however, as she really does have too many pairs of these already, so much so that she gets in a dither every time she tries to decide which charming pair to put on her pins of a morning. 

This is more of a Cornwall number, but from the Damsel In A Dress label , and therefore cut well, and at a good price at £12.99. Beryl is planning to wear this with her natural linen Hobbs suit, but not on holiday. Now, the trousers are perfectly ghastly but come with a free lifetime National Trust card, any takers?

Jane was swayed by Beryl and the sales assistant, telling her she looked fabulous in this frock and with a price tag of just £24.99, how could she resist? It's currently in her suitcase. Good for the hot weather despite its beige-ness, which was Jane's only reservation. This is the kind of dress they talk about in magazines, whereby they wax lyrical about how it will take you from the beach to the bar. Jane and Beryl will try this out and report back, as they think this dress might actually be the one.

Here is a tale of three bad photos, in the first Beryl looks one sandwich short of a summer picnic, in the second which has been cropped, she appeared to be wearing no pants, and in the third her hands have the raging old crone effect. Shame, as Beryl did like the top (£12.99) which is uber comfy and very packable.

Beryl did purchase this top, again around the £12, which is already on about its third outing in a week. The  Boho print is very fashionable this summer. Beryl likes the piped edging that somehow breaks up her hod carrier's shoulders.

Beryl is clearly not having the best of days, now she looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards, but she did also buy this stripy top, which she is planning to wear with a Massimo Dutti white skirt and her blue Hobbs jacket. Clearly she is trying to pretend that there is a plan to her buying not just a pre-holiday whim.

Beryl's final purchase were these gold 'cruise' shoes. In Beryl's head these seemed marvellous while in the shop for £12.99, and just the thing for Italy. Of course, with the outbreak of warm weather here she is thinking they will be too hot: you win some you lose some.  

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