Autumn fashion trends -

What will the clothes mad two, harvest from      the back of the wardrobe and preserve?

                                                      As the rain lashes and the air cools, Jane and Beryl reluctantly     put away their flimsy frocks and contemplate the forthcoming season.
                                                      Daughters will need taking to school, exhibitions will require

staging and wardrobes must be pillaged to create the best looks for every occasion. What, if anything, might they purchase? And, more especially, what of their existing capacious wardrobes can be pressed into service to maintain their stylish credentials? In the light of this Jane and Beryl have been busy trend watching and considering as ever what the WOACA (Woman of A Certain Age) can reasonably pull off without either bankruptcy or ridicule.

Trend One: the 1970s-inspired maxi dress

 Here is Beryl playing out her full 1970's 'Good Life' fantasy. Rich coming from someone who likes her veg pre-washed from the supermarket. This dress is from Zara and cost £49. It is an incredibly flattering shape, with its empire line high-waist. It also moves beautifully and is fun to dance in, for all those 70's parties. This dress also follows the trend for bright flowers on a black background, which our pint-sized diva particularly likes. Beryl is wearing black suede boots with tassels, and big hoop earrings to get into the 70s groove, baby. 

Trend Two: embellishment with vintage broaches 

This is, of course, wonderfully eccentric and not for the lovers of' 'norm-core', which is a trend that frankly Beryl and Jane have no truck with, whereby you wear only simple restrained clothes in a muted palette. This seems to Beryl and Jane a state close to death, but if you are committed read no further. The broaches in question do not have to match either the clothing or each other or be expensive. The only possible faux pas to this look is to have just one, which could look a LOL (Little Old Lady). Three is a good number. Vintage costume broaches tend to cost between £8-10, the blue one in the picture belonged to Beryl's Granny Nellie...Ahh.  This is not supposed to be tasteful, so there is no getting it wrong. Here, they have been pinned onto Beryl's hideously expensive Vilagallo
 jacket, which already is multicoloured with a silver lurex trim! Hats or fabric bags and jumpers may also become your victims. Knock yourself out, the more the merrier. Beryl has even considered adding her enamel station-master's badge. 

Trend Three: snakeskin

Old snaky feet, this is what we will be calling Beryl this season. 
Beryl's obsession with animal print has shifted from the leopard to the snake. Seeing our leader,
Mrs May, in shiny cat print has finally convinced Beryl of the error of too much feline frippery, but the snake is fair game, so to speak. The kitten-heels (oh, the irony) have that beautiful fifties curve to the heel and cost £29 from Zara, (in store now) and the flats are from Zara's classier sister company Uterque and cost about £80 (also still available).

Trend Four: colour

Jane and Beryl have been casting an eye upon the high-street to see what colours the buyers would have us wear this winter. Lots of red in Phase Eight, which is great. Apparently, if you wish to attract a man on the internet, wear a red dress, who knew?! This blouse is at least five years old and came from Top Shop in the sale. Just seen are navy blue pin striped trousers from the same source. (Pin stripes are also back this year.) Debenhams on the other hand is a sea of mustard and burgundy, or as Jane and Beryl's mothers would have called it maroon. Mustard is Jane's top most disliked colour and only looks good on a ham sandwich in her opinion, but Beryl could be swayed towards maroon, sorry burgundy and perhaps an item of mustard knit-ware. Khaki and navy feature at Oasis, which has a very nice military-style khaki coat. 

Trend Five: military

Talking of military coats, these are a trend which Jane and Beryl think look marvellous on the WOACA, the one pictured here (left) is £99 from Le Redoute, and there are many, many more on the high street and in the catalogues. Jane, of course, will not be prised out of her prize fashion possession (sorry if she's boring you with it, but she never bores herself, funnily enough); yes, it's the Moschino Cheap And Chic 'Nutcracker' jacket which was £45 from Foxtrot Vintage Emporium in Marlborough. Right on the fashion button.

Trend Six: wanton slapper shoes

           Beryl is not sure what you call these: 'wanton slapper shoes'?  Beryl likes a wanton slapper shoe just as much as the next wanton slapper and these have a touch of S&M. No, not M&S, S&M. Beryl has owned this pair for at least three years, (River Island £55) and they have spent much of their life at the back of the wardrobe, sniggering at her foolishness. However, there is a but. Comfort is not the problem, they are remarkably comfy, no the difficulty is that they are just a bit well...out there. If Beryl feels conspicuous (and she is not known for her shyness) then Jane and Beryl's guess is that despite their fashionability, WOACAs will turn up their elegant noses. 

  Trend Seven: big earrings

Oh how Beryl dislikes this picture, which Jane insisted become extra-large. Big earrings are the fashion bomb this season and yes Jane and Beryl are talking full on, no holes barred 'Pat Butchers'. And, yes, the gruesome twosome love these. Why not ? let's live a little. These cost 10 Euros from an Italian vintage market. This year, if you fish out your Cabochon earrings from the 1980s the fashion police will not be coming for you.

Trend Eight: 70s romance

Oh, how Jane wishes that she had resisted just one more Cornish pasty! But Cornish pasties will come home to roost, and they have taken residence around Jane's midriff (see below). Jane is doing her darndest however, to rock one of her all-time faves in the fashion world, namely, a tulle skirt. This one is strangely brown and has been resurrected from the very depths of Jane's spare room wardrobe alone with these 70s-style round-toed suede boots. She has topped it off with a much worn and therefore much-blogged shirt (£46 from Spirit in Devizes) and a (now) snug-fitting grey velvet jacket (and yes, it's impossible to do it up). The colour pop velvet bag keeps on-trend with the textured fabric but brightens up what can easily become a widow's weeds look if one is not careful.

Trend Nine: chunky lace-up boots with frills

Just put her in a pair of chunky lace-up boots and she has to do a Mary Poppins. But these suede boots are very of the moment and considering they came from a Jones the Bookmaker sale about four years ago, that is no mean feat. Jane is combining them here with another catwalk staple this season, frills aplenty on her blouse and coatee and another tulle skirt, this time more of a maxi (with an elastic waist, in case you're wondering...). 

Trend Ten: metallics

Metallics are such a great trend for the WOACA. A little gold or silver or bronze, will put you on the style podium. (sorry, bad joke). However a spattering of judiciously applied metallics can look really classy, particularly as in this photo, if the items are muted rather than bright. This much-loved Wallis jacket will be out of the wardrobe yet again this season, its sixteenth! That's what Jane and Beryl call value for money. The louche bag came from John Lewis last winter and is a great-with-anything buy (£75).

Photos by Grace White. Currently no sponsored content.

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