Spring into wild brights and florals

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la... Jane and Beryl can't wait to wear some spring kit  now the shops and magazines are full of colours and florals.  It may be snowing outside, but in their hearts it's spring! Delving into their wardrobes, Beryl has this season's floral look under her red charity shop belt but that won't stop her searching for more. And Jane, although she couldn't bring many florals to mind when quizzed by Beryl, actually found some perfectly wearable items that she could recycle in her wardrobe. 

This jumpsuit is huge fun and is worn frequently, bought last summer from a vintage fair, it cost £15. Beryl feels a little younger in this which, of course, is a miracle in its own right. It is a complete pain very time she needs a wee, but this does not stop her.  Beryl is wearing this with LK Bennett red shoes as these feed her inner goddess.

Jane is rockin' the floral and brights here in the most comfortable way possible, which naturally, she loves. These almost-pyjamas Ralph Lauren trousers came from Beryl's wardrobe, via a bargain bucket in Macy's, San Francisco (Beryl is such a show off) and the asymmetric jumper came from Phase Eight for £49 this season. The pumps are from Next last year and were £16.

This was last year's Top Shop blouse (blouse is a funny word, Beryl always wants to put 'big girl's' in front of it.) Floral, ruffled and if you're daring off the shoulder, this 'blouse' is a veritable buffet of trends. Worn here with the trousers of a Hobbs suit, which cost £40 second hand. 

Jane has blogged these trousers before as she wore them for her daughter's 21st birthday, but as she is totally in love with them, here they are again (Oasis £38), this time with a Fat Face vest top and cerise coatee (now there's a funny word if you want one). She has on a daisy necklace which was a gift, so can't help you there as to its provenence, and a pair of white Converses (£45) which she thinks she overpaid for, as Beryl got a perfectly similar pair for £3 from ASDA.  

Jane is being particularly bossy this week, and claims that the nation will be bored rigid with Beryl's vast collection of vintage and vintage-look alike frocks. Beryl has taken umbrage and therefore is limiting herself to only one dress today but it is, in her opinion, a bobby dazzler. New this season, it hails from Emily and Finn, who take apart vintage dresses to copy their construction. In Beryl's head she thinks this has a Dolce and 
Gabbana vibe.

Jane is back in Beryl's kit here with a Rene Derhy dress of uncertain vintage, which was £15 from Enham Trust. It has a lovely shot sheen on it, and here Beryl has shoe-horned Jane into a Darling jacketee (she really is just making things up now) which has the tightest sleeves on the planet. However, Jane and Beryl wanted to see if the trend for mixing multiple florals would really work on A Woman Of A Certain Age: the answer is No, you'll just look like you had a senior moment and forgot to match 
your clothes.

Jane and Beryl are swapping clothes madly this week. The top is Jane's from Top Shop, several season's ago, but as Jane and Beryl are embracing the colourful clothes that are just emerging onto the high street now, Beryl is wearing this with orange trousers. These actually came from a charity shop for £6. 

Jane has had this shirt for about a million years, and it has enjoyed sporadic popularity in her world ever since. It came from Linea (at House of Fraser) in 2006 and there have been moments when Jane couldn't squeeze her stomach in to it, but we draw a veil over those. Now, it is coming out to go with her 'As Seen In Vogue' trousers, as everyone who knows Jane and Beryl is calling them (actually M&S). 

Jane and Beryl couldn't resist including the lovely Sandra in this week's blog, who they met in the waiting room at the station on their way to Big London. Lucky, as she was dressed like something out of Brief Encounter, which they adored. Her amazing technicolored floral coat, is vintage and from Florence, no less, for which she paid around 450 Euros. Her Italian luggage contained an orange polenta cake, she told us, which was fortunate as it matched her outfit. Her dress was Jigsaw and her beautiful two-toned cloche hat is one of her collection of 30. 

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