Supermarket Sweep, Mark TU

After the stunning - if unexpected - success of the ASDA clothes shop, Jane and Beryl are keen to see if the other supermarkets can come up to standard and so this week are off to suss out Sainsbury's offerings. At first glance Jane and Beryl were impressed by how 'on trend' they seemed to be, there were bright colours, graphic stripes, embroidered tops and an abundance of florals. And, added to this, every girl's fashion friend, Gok Wan designs a range. All of which is a welcome distraction while shopping for beans and burgers. If you enjoy a sneaky trip down the clothes aisle, you are not alone. Sainsbury's sells a pair of jeans for £28 designed by Gok himself every second, and a pair of knickers every three seconds. Apparently their target shopper is 
25-50 but, having fallen off the edge of Sainsbury's world age-wise, they pressed on regardless.  

Jane spotted this maxi skirt instantly and rushed to get it on her body. A bright, breezy bit of nautical fun for £12. Jane took the precaution of going up a size, as often she finds more fabric is flattering in less expensive ranges. She is wearing it here with a cotton rich cardi for a tenner, a pearl and chain necklace for £9, £10 plimsoles and a great white bag (£18). Total outfit cost: £59. Jane and Beryl think that this looks really classy. 

(Jane and Beryl haven't become the Blues Brothers, but were both having a day when their faces had collapsed therefore the sunglasses  will be a feature).

Still looking vaguely nautical our Beryl is sporting a very acceptable anorak, not a phrase she often uses. This jacket is shower resistant and £35, it would be a great bit of kit for school runs or walking dogs on beaches. The shirt was £12, and remarkably similar to Boden. The jeans, which are meant to be  cropped, are obviously full length on Beryl's little stumpies, but nonetheless a good pair for the dosh £18. This brings Beryl to one of her hobby horses, the burning question of whether or not expensive jeans are really worth it. Beryl in her time has had both the shockingly expensive and budget mass-produced. Price, she concludes, is no guarantee that she will bond with her jeans. The sandals, £20,  also scored highly, square-toed and not over high, they would go with anything.

Jane's enthusiasm fizzled slightly after the skirt, and what follows is a series of jackets and coats… Jane and Beryl suddenly found that they were quite challenged to find trousers and tops that fitted or flattered. This jacket, however, was an exception, and at£35 was good with the colour pop handbag (£18). However, she is holding the bag in front of the trousers for a reason: the trews were just so slimy, they were not to be considered (Beryl was actually having palpitations). 

The tops had quite a lot of hanger appeal but our ageing and dying-for-a-coffee duo couldn't seem to find a fit, this one £16 is fattering, not flattering.

Jane turns the colour of wet cement in this camel mackintosh. She has always despised this colour, even aged six when she had a tantrum when forced to wear a hand-me-down camel coat. However, our Beryl adores it and maintains that it is chic, and really should have tried this one on herself. It is £35, is loose and floppy and probably would have been a star turn on her. But Jane loved the shirt which at £22 for linen was a great buy: shame they only had a size 20. Meanwhile, still in the wonderful world of coats, Jane tried on another mac which also had more than a hint of Boden about it, but at £35 represents better value. 

Incredibly short Beryl, 4ft 11inches, was struggling to find clothes in the store, but at the last moment spied this coat. Loud, but fun not unlike its wearer who was surprised by the adventurous nature of the garment from a supermarket source. Who would ever think that this came from Sainsburys? Great style, great value (£35), well done Mr Sainsbury!  

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