The Twelve Fashion Days of Christmas
Jane and Beryl are road-testing some of their purchases, recent and not-so-recent, and so bring you their favourites for the festivities in all their guises. Here are the first six, more next blog.

On the first day of Christmas my true love 
sent to me…

…a full netty, petty for a part-y, (actually, for the theatre, but that's too hard to scan). This outfit is a hundred percent recycled, the shoes and jacket are both LK Bennett and cost £25 each and a dearly-loved net skirt £12 from Monsoon. 

On the second day of Christmas my true love 
sent to me… 

… a black suit and a shirt that's frill-ee (to supper in the pub with friends from her NCT class, circa 2000). The suit and blouse all came from Zara and cost £180 altogether.

And here is Jane's friend, Susie-Soux, in a Top Shop dress (this season) and a Zara jacket from the Blue Cross charity shop bought for £9.95. Jane thinks she looks 
absolutely splendid.

(Ok we'll stop this now, far to much to do, presents to be wrapped, turkeys to cook…)

On the third day of Christmas Beryl wore…

                       . . . an Edina Ronay Coat and Phase Eight dress to the
       school concert. The coat cost £150 in a sale reduced from a 
    whopping £600, and the dress also on sale for  £75. The shoes
                         which have glitter heels were £50.

                   On the fourth day of Christmas 
                               Jane wore

… her guardsman coat (£18 from a charity shop), Zara shirt and 
           lace skirt bought in a sale for £17, to an early supper
                            in London with her gay boyfriend.

                   On the fifth day of Christmas 
                                Beryl wore

             ... vibrantly clashing colours work brilliantly. Beryl wears
         her Top Shop coat £95 (no, she hasn't skinned a Tellytubby)
             with charity shop pink Zara trousers, for the full fiver.

                   On the sixth day of Christmas 
                                Jane wore

… black Zara velvet trousers, grey quilted velvet jacket, red scarf and red sparkly shoes to the Chrisdingle service.
Follow our fashion days next week, including what to wear while cooking the turkey.

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  1. Whoop whoop, I've made it onto the blog!! Well done girlies - splendid viewing as usual :) Susie-Soux xxx





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