The Twelve Fashion Days of Christmas (Part II)

On the Seventh Day of Christmas Beryl wore…

… a really silly red cape, which even Beryl thinks might be a bit over the top. Beryl also wore this to her daughter's Carol Service, where it was almost universally acclaimed. People called her Mrs Christmas and said it was wonderful, but it did take a bit of nerve. The cape which is vintage, cost £25 and came from Beulah's attic in Shipton Bellinger. Beryl wears it with a fake fur collar 
which cost the same.  

On the Eighth Day of Christmas Jane wore…

… her LBD to a drinks party. This one came from a local shop several years ago and cost £76. It is in a stretchy ribbed fabric with a draped panel over the tummy that allows for another mince pie, and the long sleeves means that Jane doesn't need to wear a coat. (This is actually after the party's over and she is about to collapse in front of the Strictly final full of champagne and canapés). 

On the Ninth Day of Christmas Beryl wore…

… a flowery dress to a day-time family party, from the Pretty Little Dress Company (£110). When Beryl was a little girl, often she would visit her aunties delivering Christmas presents, which involved "keeping your end up" as her mother called it, so therefore dressing up. Day-time parties have their own challenges. Staying cool in over-heated houses. Disguising the consumption of 3000 mince pies. This dress is very cool and forgiving; 
the pattern confuses the eye.     

On the Tenth Day of Christmas Jane wore…

… her Zara suit to the panto. Jane insists on going despite the fact that her children are all far too old. This year it's Wilton's Music Hall in London's East End, with Dick Whittington. 

On the Eleventh day of Christmas Beryl wore…

… this navy blue dress is by Pimp Couture and came from Deadly is the Female for £120 in Frome to a black tie dinner. This dress is a copy of one worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film Some Like It Hot. It covers the arms, which is sometimes nice when you're sitting down to dinner, a moment when Beryl can feel conspicuous in something revealing.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Jane wore…

… Jane is playing hostess to twelve this Christmas, and is wrestling with a large bird as we speak. She has chosen a festive cotton jumper (Beryl thinks 'festive cotton jumpers' are dubious) from Next last year (Jane says it's the best of a bad bunch) and her Zara velvet suit trousers. Beryl is determined that Jane will cover them with goose fat, but Jane is past caring, and anyway, hasn't Beryl heard of a capacious pinny? 

                            Gorgeous or Gopping?

This is a tale of two dresses, both charity shop items and approximately £15 each. The one on the left wins Beryl lots of compliments, covers her knockers well and has a Minnie Mouse, vintage feel. The one on the right, is all wrong. Somehow there is way too much tittage on show and the spaghetti straps make her look like an eastern block snatch weight lifter. Someone with a less prodigious bosom, will no doubt look lovely in it: back in the charity bag it goes. Remember its always the fault of the garment, never our bodies.

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