Dressing gown worn as a coat, £5, Jane: Jigsaw shoes sale £89, Ghost dress;
Beryl, Zara pre-loved shoes, dress, The White Company 

This week, Jane and Beryl are twins, a bit like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film of the same name. The reason for this strange turn of events? The realisation that every summer, there are a number of garments that our duo both wear on repeat. White jeans, stripy tees, a navy blazer, a fine knit sweater. Jane and Beryl explore the kit they have in common. 

Jane and Beryl: jumpers from Phase Eight £65, Jane's trousers, home-made
Jane and Beryl don't often buy the same item on purpose for several reasons: it's unusual that it will look good on both of them, and as a courtesy to the other as they don't want to turn up to events in the same outfit. However, every once in a while, these rules go by the board and the Phase Eight jumper - elegant and flattering - is case in point. Both Jane and Beryl have this style in several other colours, it is such a top item. (The shop keeps updating it every year so it's obviously a winner for them too).

Coats, Zara, £69, Jane, top, TK Maxx, trousers, vintage
The ubiquitous white linen trouser - every WOACA's summer staple. Now and then Jane and Beryl get fed up of them and abandon the ship of white linen, but then they come crawling back begging forgiveness and reviving them from whatever dark recess of the wardrobe they have stowed them. There is no such excuse for the gorgeous pink coats, however, they both just couldn't resist, it's as simple as that.

Jane: jacket, Mint Velvet sale £69, top, TK Maxx, trousers, M&S

Here we have the village of Muddy Puddle's Ladies Bowling team. Beryl has borrowed a pair of Jane's sunglasses to complete the picture, and looks vaguely like someone... who could it be?... it will come to her... oh, no... Ozzie Osbourne! The basic rule of shortness, is that a long jacket swallows up your legs. So Beryl's jacket is slighter shorter and more fitted.   

Jane, Fenn, Wright and Manson jacket, part of a suit, Ghost vintage top, home-made trousers; Beryl, preloved Hobbs jacket £40,  preloved Laura Ashley top £17, Vintage necklace £22, trousers 120% lino £135 (sale)

Beryl, M&S Blazer £59 previous season, stripy T French Connection £29 previous season, Gap jeans, Jane, jacket, Debenhams £69, top £1, H&M via the charity shop, jeans, Gap, £30 sale
The cruise wear option comes round every year without fail, but why not when it always looks fresh and clean, even though Jane and Beryl have no intention of going anywhere near a life on the ocean wave. Although if a jolly jack tar was to give them the glad eye, it'd likely be another story...

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