Jane and Beryl's collective favourite colour is hot in more ways than one this year and given its marvellous mood-enhancing, jelly and blancmange, happiness, is that any surprise to anyone? Here is our gals' dispensable guide to wearing the rose-tinted hue.  

Dress, Boden £108, espadrilles, £80 (both this season)

 Cheating perhaps, but for the pink-prevaricators out there Beryl suggests a garment in which pink has a charming walk on part, rather than the leading role. One of Beryl's many character weaknesses, sigh... is that she has a low boredom threshold.  Highly patterned frocks therefore provide myriad potential combinations for her butterfly mind. Thus, she has lined up all her coloured jackets, cardis and this season's splurge, pink espadrilles, to wear with her Boden shirt-waister.  

Voila! Inky Pinky Parlez Vous

Pink coat, half price in the Hambledon sale £160
trousers, home made, Phillip Hog shoes £40, The White House Designers sale  

What on earth is Jane doing buying a winter coat in spring, you may well ask? Jane asked herself this question over and over again as she was parting with her cash, but OMG what a fabulous purchase it has turned out to be, not only working out at a bargainous Cost Per Wear in this frosty weather-but-I-must-sit-outside-for-a-cup-of-tea type scenario but turning heads too. And that's all down to the colour, as it would be quite an ordinary coat in say, navy (oh, yes, Jane has that one too...).

Dress French Connection £49 sale, blazer H&M sale rail
 and Natural World plimsoles, both this season  

If you were considering the purchase of a pink item, Beryl and Jane suggest dipping your immaculate pink-shellaced toe in the water with a jacket, shirt or cardigan. M&S can normally be relied upon to produce a pink linen shirt, that looks charming on pretty much any woman in Britain - although this year Jane bought hers for £6 from a charity shop: result! Just as well, the M&S version is rather coral this season, not a shade our gals prefer.

Jane in her charity shop M&S shirt £6,
 Gap jeans £40, and the pink coat as above

Past season Somerset by Alice Temperley jumpsuit £99,
 blazer and shoes as before, bag past gift. 

Beryl's, AKA Bezza's, star pink buy, is a linen and cotton rose-pink blazer found on the H&M sale rail for £12, (she swapped out the cheap button for a beauty from her Granny's button box), weirdly this seems to go with everything! She immediately rummaged for a matching pair of pink trousers, but sadly none were to be found. 

Ghost dress £165

Shopping in their own wardrobes - and each others - is still a top favourite of Jane and Beryl's: they find all sorts of things they had forgotten about. Jane bought this dress just before she was unable to actually wear it anywhere, so it really is new and she is itching to get it out in the world. Any takers?

Fallen blossom in Trengwainton Garden, Penzance
 Dress preloved Ghost £50, boots TK Maxx £12, Dylon Pod £5 Wilko 

Beryl has never dyed anything before in her life, but filled with the spirit of adventure she decided to dye a beautiful unworn pre-loved cream Ghost dress that she acquired recently, on the grounds that posh cream frocks are a tad unwearable. Quelle horreur! It emerged from the drum more raspberry ripple than berry coulis. Should she admit to failure? Not a bit of it; she has literally stuck her nose in the air and decided that it looks like a very expensive artisan dyed item. Worn here with pink metallic ankle boots. Shush, no one will ever know.   

Preloved coatigan £25, H&M palazzo pants £15,
 Monsoon shell pink top £30, all past seasons

Dressing gown, gift, trousers, Linea (vintage)

The pale sister of the pink clan is sometimes forgotten in the hurly burly of all those super strong shades, but has a great place in the WOACA's wardrobe. Kind to aging skin tones, it can light up the face and has that vintage look referencing the 20s and 30s so beloved by Jane and Beryl - lets face it, it's the nearest they are going to get to those far off numbers.

Coat, Zara, £69.99, pink and red striped shirt, pre-loved,
Jo's Dressing Room, £12, trousers, Marela, £150, all past seasons 

Jane loves a bit of fuchsia pink clashed with red, a show stopping colour combo if ever there was one. Not for the feint-hearted, she will admit, but nonetheless, one to lift the spirits on a dull day. Also good if you feel like referencing Coco the Clown.  

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