Jane and Beryl have long been fans of the pre-loved, the vintage, the second hand. They know that some of you do not share their passion, while others are with them all the way. It must be confessed that it takes time and energy to search out the top finds, but as so many of us have done magnificent wardrobe weeds during lockdown, take it from Jane and Beryl that there is lots and lots of luverly stuff out there just ripe for the picking. Here, in tribute to Oxfam's Second-Hand September campaign, Jane and Beryl share their latest finds... 

Blouse, Anthropologie, £15, trousers, Zara, £10, both Jo's Dressing Room, Trowbridge,
shoes, Converse via BB Vintage, Trowbridge

One of Jane and Beryl's top tips when it comes to pieces that have come to you not directly from the manufacturer, is maybe not go for top to toe pre-loved. This indeed can all too quickly fall into the bag lady category, and let's face it, no one wants that. However, here Jane breaks her own rules as everything in this picture was not new when she bought it.

Seven For All Mankind jeans £10 charity shop,
 preloved silk shirt Fabienne Chapot £60, boots Stradivarius £24 

One of the fears about second hand clothing is that it will look old-fashioned. Jane and Beryl say let's break out of the thought pattern so beloved of the fashion industry that flogs us new stuff constantly. Instead, wear things we love for longer and shop all fashion sources with the same discerning eye, from the £1 rail to the high end. Beryl thinks she looks pretty on trend here in charity shop jeans and a preloved leopard print silk shirt. Just in case, she has ramped things up with a pair of Leopard print boots from Stradivarius. A touch of new to help out the old. 

Dress, Whitchurch Annual Vintage Sale, £25, 
coat, Dorothy House, Devizes, £20

Jane's holding out her hand here to an imaginary Prince Charming, ' yeah, as if!' humphs Beryl. That's as maybe, the dress could certainly go to the ball. The more Jane and Beryl do this, the more they think, why on earth would they spend huge sums on new kit? Possibly because they are incorrigible, and can't resist the lure of the novel, the new, the crisp tissue paper, the beribboned bag...  (behave yourself, Jane, this is turning into couture porn). 

50s style evening coat, £150, Re-dress in Winchester,
Batwing dress by Mary Portas, £40, boots, Jigsaw, £70, all preloved 

Certainly, The Evening Wear Section, (remember Miss World), is where preloved really comes into its own. These clothes are not worn often and therefore are usually in really good nick. The only caveat is: pre-loved shopping requires the same levels of exactitude as new merchandise. The key questions remain the same: does this flatter me, and will I wear it?  

1950's vintage dress with matching jacket, £50, 
Nine West shoes, £17.50, 3rd hand hat, pressie from Jane 

Of course, a person can go the full vintage route, a look Beryl and Jane both favour but can't always squeeze into due to far too many Fondant Fancies. Anyone who likes vintage clothes will know that they are often very small, as in days of yore everyone ate far less. Always consider condition, and whether the fabrics will stand up to modern washing. The love of a fragile silk blouse can be a short-lived one. 

White top, River Island, £8.50 from Second Hand Rose, Bradford-on-Avon,
jacket, Debenhams, £25 via Jo's Dressing Room, as above

Jane and Beryl are relieved that gone are the days when buying pre-loved was something to be slightly ashamed of, to be played down as it had the whiff of  the grubby unwanted about it. Now we can all flaunt our marvellous bargains and show off our excellent taste - oh, the cleverness of us! Jane found the white linen top, (which Beryl was convinced was Hobbs), but hailed from dear old River Island. The tweed jacket is as good a fit as Jane gets and will prove its worth in the inter seasonal days ahead.

Shirt, M&S, £6, via Second Hand Rose, as before, 
trousers, Toast, £25 via Jo's Dressing Room

Jane is not often seen digging a garden, hers or anyone else's, but Beryl persuaded her to get in the flower beds to act out the Mellors and Lady Chatterley vibe which she had in mind. (Beryl would like here, to point out that if she were to have a Lady Chatterley's lover type fantasy, it would entail a young Sean Bean, or even more realistically an old Sean Bean, rather than Jane in her Dad's cap). Perhaps Beryl is taking things a little too far, Jane muses, as she looks longingly at the French Fancies...

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