Once upon a time there was a cast of fashion characters, conjured up by Jane and Beryl. They played their part loyally for two years, but are looking a bit sad and deflated these days. Jane and Beryl shook up the box to see what would happen, a tweak here, a nudge there, and here is what they found.... Are you the Lady or the Hot Tramp? The Clown or the Classicist? Our fashionistas are greedy and are grabbing more than one for themselves, and you may too. All the world's a stage so wait for the curtains to open and choose: whether vamp or vampire, may you all live happily ever after...

The Clown/the Colourist 

You used to be fond of the tassel, the bright colour, usually more than one, the frill. By 2020, you have calmed down and prefer your bright colours singly rather than in droves and just one frill or tassel rather than ten all at once. Congratulations! You have grown up. (Have I really, says Jane?)


The Lady

As a lady you are always drawn to the formal and if truth be told the slightly stuffy. A lover of the structured handbag, the court-shoe, a string of pearls, a fine Scottish knit. Yet, do Jane and Beryl, note a loosening up of your style of late, a bigger sleeve, a drawstring waist, a colour pop ankle boot rather than a ballerina pump? Perhaps this is because your heroine the Duchess of Cambridge is looking more fashionable and confident these days. 

The New Bohemian/Hippy

You loved velvet and all sorts of textures back in the 'teens, but now you are verging on the hippy with your frills and furbelows. You are keener on colour than you used to be, and love to stick on a pair of clumpy boots with your frocks these days. Jane is a big lover of this look, and goes to Ghost every time.


The Classicist 

As a classicist you are resistant to change, but even you have to acknowledge that the moth has attacked your camel coat and it's time for a new one. What will you choose? Maybe you might like to branch out into a colour, yes, Jane and Beryl know it is shocking, but as you go off to lie down in a darkened room, you could just consider it (our Beryl chooses Jaeger for hers).  It is a popular false belief that classic clothes do not date, but they do. Fabrics, lapel sizes and shoulder widths all subtly change. Luckily for you, your favourite penny loafers are all the rage this spring, and printed shirts which Jane and Beryl know you favour are in abundance. Beryl has added a cheeky little zebra print as a nod to 2020 updating the ubiquitous leopard.  

The Tom Boy

You really can't be bothered much with clothes, can you? You think that it's all too much effort and who cares, anyway? We all have these days and the grown up tomboy has a stash of kit she can throw on when she is in this mood. Jane has updated hers with Gap wide leg jeans and an M&S stripy shirt, which Beryl tells her are the 'thing' for spring.

The Hot Tramp

You still want people to notice that you are a hot chick, which indeed you are. However, this desire to look young and sassy can so easily slide into outright slapper-dom. Sorry, love, the time has come to reevaluate and temper your short-skirted, high-heeled, ultra-tight wardrobe. Beryl has ditched her skin-tight jeans for a well cut pre-loved Versace dress, and her leather jacket is now worn with a floral maxi and plimmies. 

Annie Hall, becomes gender fluid

You are the archetypal androgynous dresser. You wear clothes for comfort as much as style and feel at your best in masculine styling, and why wouldn't you as it clearly has all the best gigs. Jane has long since adopted jackets, brogues, waistcoats and wide legged trousers as her modus operandi and has updated the look with a Zara suit. She plans to get her hands on a coloured suit this spring of which there are many coming into the shops.

My Little Pony

Hey, girl, what are you like? You love all things shiny, pink, fluffy, sparkly and artificial, there is even diamante embedded in your acrylics. But the question is, do you really want to look like an aging, abandoned inhabitant of Love Island? Perhaps, you might consider keeping your inner unicorn in hiding 'til after dark. The issue here is that too many gimcracks and gewgaws can come off as rather teenile in a woman of a certain age. Beryl has swapped her gold leggings (what was she thinking?) and spangly top, for a more sophisticated Rixo dress to wear on a big occasions only. 

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