Zara Pink coat £129 (this season) Penelope Chilvers boots £119 (sale) bag Vera Tucci £55

Jane and Beryl are showing their true colours this week. Usually autumn heralds a return of dark dismal garments to the shop floors of Britain, but this season is like opening a packet of Opal Fruits... sorry we mean Starburst, of course: 'made to make your mouth water'. Colour is not just life enhancing, but WOACA enhancing. It brightens complexions, pops with silver locks, and shouts I AM NOT INVISIBLE. 

Coat from Zara

If proof were needed Beryl bumps into this lady, browsing in Top Shop, who turns out to be in her 70s. Jane and Beryl salute you.

New colour combos

Wrap, Jumper, £79, both Pink Avocet
Purple jumper, Phase Eight sale £39, purple velvet plimsolls, Rocket Dog (vintage),
coat Daks, charity shop, £18

Orange and pink? Lush. Red and yellow? If you like. In this case, purple and red? Jane is sure there used to be some rules about what colour went with what, but she is ditching the rule book and doing what she damn well pleases. (Oh, just for a change, says Beryl).

     Add colourful accessories 

Boots by Ivylee, White House Designer Sale £56, bag as before 

If you are feeling cautious, Beryl suggests entry level colour is the boot, bag and shoe. Beryl now has a charming collection of ankle boots that can be sprinkled among her clothes like faery dust. By simply changing the colour of her boots, the outfit permutations become myriad. 

 I don't do colour
Lambswool sweater Foxology from The White House Designers sale,
 cords Bitte Kai Rand £150 

Jane and Beryl know there are colour-dodgers out there, rainbow refuse-nics, shade-shirkers, hue-decliners. This is because they believe that the only really chic colour is black, or maybe navy at a push. To those who are wedded to the dark side, Jane and Beryl politely suggest an aqua British lambswool sweater, to wear with black, navy, grey, or even camel. This sparse and deliberate purchase will be right on the zeitgeist and the season will be nailed in one garment.

Top to toe 

Trench coat last year's Jaeger sale £180, dress Paul Smith outlet £85,
shoes £85 Jasper Conran at Debenhams
M&S this season £99

Our fashionistas are having a lively debate (politicians' speak for falling out) about the 'one colour top to toe' thing. Jane thinks that most women might feel a bit conspicuous in this, but Beryl likes being conspicuous, in-fact conspicuous is her thing. A perfect colour match however can come off a bit Queeny,
'begging your pardon, Ma'am', but the effect of toning colours layered is slimming and unifying.

I can't wear red

Vintage Alexon coat £18, vintage Ghost red velvet trousers £18,
T-shirt Mint Velvet £45 (this season), shoes pre-loved Ted Baker    
Wallis £45.50
Poppy-cock and piffle says Jane, you just haven't found the right shade. Jane has found that red has gone to her head somewhat: she can't seem to like/buy anything that isn't red. Jane and Beryl favour cherry red, but will also wear scarlet and the occasional tomato, but mostly just down their fronts after lunch. 

Jacket, Mint Velvet sale £59, trainers LK Bennett sale £87

The new kid on the block

Pre-loved Mary Portas dress £45 and gold shoes £17 
You may have noticed by now that Jane and Beryl favour clear, bright saturated jewel colours, to those murky half-arsed shades that try to masquerade as a colour pop.  Shades of forest and emerald green are this years' thing. However, a word of caution: green is not that easy. Beryl bought a pea-pod green Hobbs' skirt last year that has not seen the light of day. A gal can end up feeling a bit Kermitty, and only Miss Piggy truly loved him. 

So what's the story with colour. Jane and Beryl say be bold and adventurous, wear a new hue, but make sure you stick to no more than three colours per outfit and keep the shapes simple, chic and polished. No-one wants to end up looking like your Granny's knitted blanket.

Next Time: Jane and Beryl tackle the Christmas capsule wardrobe.

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