Jane and Beryl have packed a picnic and a thermos and decided to motor to Cirencester in search of a delicious shop called Plum, which promises clothes in sizes 12-34. Their beautiful friend Susie has unsuspectingly come along for a nice trip out in the car as she has recently broken her ankle. She unwittingly finds herself being bossed about something wicked and told to 'put that on'. 

Now, Jane and Beryl do not think that the size of a person's clothes is anybody's business but their own. What is important, however, is that women of all shapes and sizes can find beautiful clothes that make them feel confident and desirable. This shop is packed full of such garments. Jane and Beryl are found shrieking with delight, as one delicious offering follows the next.

The basic dilemma in shopping for the more voluptuous figure, is to fit or to drape? That is the question. Both can be flattering, but Susie prefers the fitting as it shows off the slimmest part of her figure, namely, her rib cage. In other words, in common with all WOACAs, Jane and Beryl say: 'PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS,  GIRL!'

Dress by Naya £129

 This stretchy jersey dress is a winner on our Suze because it follows the line of her hour-glass figure, not unsurprisingly she has several of these already in her wardrobe. The scoop neck is bosom reducing and neck lengthening, while the sleeve is confidence boosting to WOACAs who do not like to show their arms. Its rich dark colour camouflages any lumps and bumps, and has the same slimming properties as black, without being the beastly black itself.    

Dress by Grizas £239

Jane and Beryl's lovely model and, yes, she is allowed an opinion of her own, says that she feels a bit drowned in this, and Jane and Beryl do see where she is coming from. They were very over-excited by the gorgeous colbolt colour and the flattering neckline, but have to concede that Susie's waist is lost: the penalty for the draped dress. Nonetheless, this is a really elegant and wearable bit of kit.   

Dress by Nila Rubia £99
This was Susie's favourite dress of the day as it was fitted on her upper body. The colour really flatters Susie, and the v-neckline and arm coverage both get Jane and Beryl's approval.

Dress by Alembika £239, necklace £10

Jane and Beryl loved this on the hanger for its joie de vivre, its exuberant colours and sheer joyousness. However, off the hanger and on the body they are less sure. This big pattern is wearing Susie. Jane and Beryl now always photograph prospective clothes, as they find the camera never lies and puts the flaws into sharp focus.

Top Vetona £129, trousers Olsen £30 (sale)

Jane and Beryl like this funky trapeze shape, which can double as a dress or top (Susie is hiding her pink cast at present under her trousers). This works because it narrows her shoulders and the exaggerated hip wings create a flattering line.

Top Nila Rubia £79

Top Nila Rubia £79

While Beryl would like to fantasise that the whole of life can be lived in a posh frock, Jane feels she must bring this show to order and insists on some separates. These tops are the stuff of everyday wearable kit especially with some heavy linen trousers in the summer and anyway Susie and Beryl have a bit of a crush on these block print fabrics.

Dress £269, skirt £129 both Grizas
Jane and Beryl are beginning to get the hang of dressing Suze. Clearly she looks at her best in all shades of blue including navy. Unfussy clean lines are the ticket. Textured fabrics add interest to these plain colours. 

Top Alembika £149, skirt Grizas £129

The maxi skirt is a bit of a new departure for Susie especially with the long tunic over it, but Jane and Beryl think that this really works as a concept for her wardrobe. The variegated patterned top breaks up the bosom area: every woman should walk the planet with oddly patterned jumper-lumpers. Added to the long skirt (and one heel) Susie looks tall and svelte.

Beryl discovers Susie's hidden assets.

Top Mes Soeurs et Moi £99, trousers Alembika £149
Susie has said all along that white suits her, and Jane and Beryl concede that she has a point: it really brightens her face. Again, the texture of this top is great, and there is a bit of extra interest on the sleeve. But, oh, the trousers! Jane, Beryl and Susie are in love with them. A great funky shape and Susie is delighted - it's her favourite.

Top Mes Soeurs et Moi £99, skirt Grizas £129
With thanks to Annie of Plum, for letting Jane and Beryl have the run of her amazing stock, beautiful clothes and accessories.

Next week:
Jane and Beryl's take on Edina and Patsy

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