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This week finds Jane and Beryl leading very colourful lives indeed. Fed up with wintry hues they are both embracing gorgeous crocus
colours - sunshine yellows and oranges, not to mention fashionable purples and mauves and fresh spring greens. Sadly, our duo are 200 miles apart, so are reporting separately from Cornwall and Hampshire, but marvellously are reunited come the weekend for a welcome jaunt to London Town. Here, Jane finds a house to match her outfit, or has she had it sneakily painted? Beryl wouldn't put it past her. 

Hobbs coat £120 sale, Seasalt brogues £65, cardi,
just seen LKBennett sale £79, Poncho Miss Sugar  £38, suitcase Globetrotter

Jane has a job choosing what to try on in the emporia of Basingstoke, she is so spoilt for spring colour options...  

Shirt Gap £39.99, cardi Gap £34.99

Saskia trench Hobbs £199
Beryl likes a trench, but has to own that she bought a long M&S one, two summers ago, that she has not really got round to wearing, and also has one of this exact colour. These are quite neat and conventional, as one might expect from Hobbs, true fashion aficionados will probably be seeking something looser and more deconstructed, but Beryl has noticed that this comes in a lovely crocus pink... so she may be sneaking back for another peak. 

Shirt Gap £39.99

Jane goes first to Gap: this is a shop in which she has, in the past, found some great pieces which she has worn for years (ok, mostly jeans). But of late, there has been nothing to tempt our 'tomboy' dresser (see What fashion character are you? blog two weeks ago). Today, alleluia, she finds a trio of springy blouses, perfect for when she is in girlie tomboy mode (quite often) in which she feels that it really won't be too long before sunny days are here again (and they have three or four more designs). Jane may be back for one of these...

Tee £15, mac £60 both Next
Next to erm... Next. Another shop to which Jane has not wended her way in the last season or two with a glad step as it all seemed very work orientated which, as we know, is not something that Jane has much need of. Another pleasant surprise awaited her: while she would not wear this tee as yellow makes her look sallow and rather ill, split from her face with a purple scarf it becomes less of an issue. And as for this mac, she felt very at home in it and it is great colour pop on a dull day (unsurprisingly, she has one already).

Blouse £25.99, jumper £12.99, trousers £19.99 all Zara

Shirt Zara £25.99
Of course, as regular blog followers will know, Zara is a shop to which Jane and Beryl seem to have an affinity along with large numbers of fellow WOACAs, as it consistently comes up with the goods. Trying to keep herself on a tight rein and without her diminutive friend to egg her on, she did not buy, but was tempted by the lacy blouse (she already has at least two in her wardrobe) and also the trousers (she has a pair in an identical colour). 

Coat £59.99, shirt £19.99 both H&M

H&M is a store to which Jane and Beryl generally consign their teenage and twenty-something daughters: budget kit with some stylish moments, but generally a bit too 'down with the kids' for our over fifty WOACAs. However, Jane maintains that it is often worth a quick scan just in case her eagle eyes spot an item she can't live without. This was not to be today, but she did find lots of loverly orange and a silky striped grandad shirt which ticked several boxes (plus great satin mules for £19.99). 

Jumpsuit (Kachel) Anthropologie £188

Is this Jane in a jumpsuit? Surely not, you cry. But yes, it really is. Although she loved its fluidity, the neckline was too daringly low for comfort and as usual, it was too short in the body so was doing something of a cheese wire act on her lady bits. 

Jacket £100 Massimo Dutti, trousers Numph £60 in sale boots (£119) moda Pelle, this season.

Beryl meanwhile has a nasty shock in St Ives, new season colours it seems have not permeated this far west yet and there is literally nothing zesty for a gal to buy. Luckily she was a girl scout and came fully prepared with her own wardrobe of carefully selected   spring brights of the last couple of years. Dib, dib, dib, dob, dob, dob.

Top shop coat £120

Shoes Anthropologie £16 

Now it has come to Beryl and Jane's attention that some WOACAs are afraid of colour: how can this be true? 
Our fashionistas are of the opinion that there is a shade of most colours to suit everyone (except beige) and once a WOACA finds it, she can turn her nose up at pale imitations forever. 
It is possible to pay expensively to find out this nugget of information, or you can just hold things up to your face and see whether you look young and lovely or close to death. Beryl finds the latter cheaper, and less restricting than roaming the planet with a swatch card, muttering 'I can't wear that it is not my colour.' Experience leads Beryl to choose vibrant deep shades, while Jane looks thinks she looks best in mid-tones. That's all there is to it! 

Sand shoes The Jacksons
at the White House Designer sale £20

Next Week: Women Of A Certain Age: 
10 quick-fix confidence boosters.

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