The trolley dollies take their festive trip to the supermarket fashion aisles

It's that time of year when women are soo busy  that the clothes in the supermarkets become a temptation to a woman in a hurry looking for an inexpensive fashion fix. Are they just like tinsel -  tawdry by Boxing Day - or will they be evergreen? Ho ho ho...  

   First stop Sainsburys...

Now in the sale £12.50
Beryl and Jane are trying on the jumpers and tops. You may notice by Beryl's reaction that this one made her feel she had more front that Harrods. Two plum puddings in a stay fresh wrapper, anyone? Bezza loves sparkle and shine like no other woman, but somewhere at the back of her psyche the words LESS IS MORE are coming though from the other side. Listen to the voices Beryl, listen to the voices. Jane is having more luck with the black velvet embroidered blouse which, in Jane's opinion, was the star of the Sainsbury's show, although possible not on her pre-Christmas full-of-mince-pie body. 

Tu £18

 Jane is quite drawn to the whimsy of this print blouse, and thought that it might be fun for the Boxing Day Dog Walk, (it's a thing) but not enough to part with her cash. Jane is not overly enamoured with either our four-legged friends or man-made fibres for that matter. 

Tu £18 
The sparkly luxe T-shirt is a top fave with our Jane, and she was hopeful for this version with its contrast 'hang loose' under-layer. However, perhaps it's just the problems she is currently experiencing with her internal heating system (needs a new boiler), but she found the plastic nature of the thing just too darned hot. 

Jumper Tu £30 
Jumper £18
Lets face it Jane and Beryl are struggling to find anything that they would actually consider buying. Beryl was definitely not feeling the love. The orange jumper felt lovely and was warm and snugly, but in her opinion ruined by the specious addition of Christmas trees. Sainsbury's pricing structure also confounds our Beryl. This Sainsbury's green jumper cost more than an equivalent item in M&S (Beryl checked) and Beryl knows which one she would rather own. 

And so to Tesco...

Shirt £10 Tesco
Hmm, in desperation Jane tries on this floral number: not really Christmassy she concedes, but a blessed relief from all the knitted itchy plastic clothing - so cool! Yet again, she does not purchase 
(a bit square?)

Florence and Fred top £12
Better than the last one in Sainsbury's, with a good sleeve length (Jane is sensitive about her bingo wings) and much cheaper. The necklace is a good bit of kit which was only about £6: Jane and Beryl frequently find good dangles in the supermarket aisles at this time of year.
Diamante top £10 F&F

£12 sparkly dress F&F

This little tunic dress is a bargain at £12.  It could be trucked out with boots and tights or worn over black jeans as shown here. Beryl's fave item however was the cold-shoulder top, which Jane and Beryl thought looked quite classy, but then they may just be losing their grip. 

Tesco £22

This deliciously fun item was minding its own business in the pyjama rails and therefore is probably meant to be a 21st Century version of a bed jacket. So soft, so snuggly, Beryl bought one for her daughter who is doing her A-levels and needs nurturing.
Finally to ASDA...

ASDA, as Jane and Beryl have found before, comes up with the goods. Inexpensive and very trend-led, they can usually be passed off as something better, particularly if worn with more other more expensive items.  

Asda £9
Beryl went home with these rose gold ballet pumps, that were soft and kind to her toes.

Sparkly evening trousers £14,
 Ruffle trim vest top £14
 Jane felt quite at home in these palazzo pants, and might have taken them home, had she not owned a pair already. 

Asda top £12.50
And the ASDA top definitely gets the top prize in the sparkly top competition with its lovely flowy sleeves, good neckline and comfortable yet flattering fit, all for a sparkly £12.50. Well done ASDA!

Star spangled jumper £16
£18 cardigan 
The bargains just kept on coming! Jane bagged this cardi for a charming Christmas gift (although it must be admitted, for her nearly 90-year-old ma) and was very tempted by this orange jumper, only stopped by the thought that her wardrobe is already stuffed full of such items - nice pearl detailing though and a lovely colour.

The best surprise, however, was this very acceptable dress, sparkles, lace and a great colour in the red for £22, by George - George does it again. 

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