No one knows quite why - as it's set entirely in the spring and summer of 1938 - but The Sound of Music is the quintessential Christmas film. Jane and Beryl love it, and in fact, Jane can remember seeing it in Bristol Odeon in 1965 when it first hit the big screen (there's a confession). This week, Jane and Beryl sing their way through their 
pre-Christmas wardrobes...

'High on a hill was a lonely Goat coat, 
Lay ee odl, ley ee odl, lay hee hoo.'

Handbag Lulu Guiness £120 TK Maxx

Goat coat White House Designer's sale  £160, second-hand St John skirt.
LK Bennett shoes £28 charity shop. 
Oh, the joy of this coat, shall we talk about colour, shall we talk about proportion, shall we talk about cut. Now Beryl is a WOACA, her goal is to build a wardrobe, like a stable of thoroughbred racehorses. Each piece being the perfect shaped coat, shirt, etc, which will hide that fact

 that she is short and refuses to diet. Well, good luck with that Beryl! We all know she will be rooting about in the sales next week, buying something preposterous just because it is half price.

It's Friday afternoon and she is off to her daughter's last school carol service, ahh... in a second hand, knitted, knee length skirt, which is part of a St John suit, LK Bennett black satin shoes and an M&S necklace. 

M&S Pearl effect necklace (this season) £18

'Soon her mama with a gleaming coat...'

Wallis coat £40

Jane is gadding about in Bath for the weekend. Friday night sees her off to a tapas bar, and Jane is wearing her old gold coat which came from Wallis 18 years ago. One of the best £40 she ever spent, this is not its first outing this year, and won't be its last.

'White lace blouses... with heels and pearls...
These are a few of my favourite things.' 

Whistles' shirt £150 (this season) purple lurex skirt
£40 White House Designer's Sale.

Beryl has a friend called Jonny, who is that helpful sort of chap, who likes to critique everything a woman wears. Jonny is on his third wife. So you can imagine Beryl's surprise when he notices her outfit at the Friday evening drinks party and mutters the word 'perfect.' 
Jonny is, of course, right. The 'short' lace Whistles' blouse hits Beryl below her waist, slightly elongating her torso, and giving her tummy some much needed camouflage. The straight sparkly skirt is knee-length and subtly glittery. Plain black shoes and tights lengthen Beryl's stumpy legs, so clever of Jonny to observe this all at a glance.  

'She's always late for everything, except for every meal...'

Top M&S, trousers Zara £69, velvet plimsoles New Look £18

Off to the outlaws for lunch, and Jane opts for a new red smock top, a charming Christmas gift from her dear friend the night before. This is a marvellous addition to her festive wardrobe on many levels: it covers her Christmas tum which is coming along nicely; it has the most beautific balloon sleeves AND is a ridiculous size 12 - a delicious seasonal lie.

'You are 50 going on 60, 
your life little girl is an empty page, 
that men will want to write on...'

Dress Adrianna Papell (of 5 years ago)
 Hobbs diamante collar £49 this season

Or doodle on in Beryl's case. Sometimes, Beryl's husband views her outfit (she is off to a black tie do) and says 'Good heavens, what have you been watching darling?' Things hit a low point during the second series of The Sopranos. The current answer to this question is The Crown interspersed with Feud, Betty and Joan. Oh, how Beryl loves the costumes, the elegance, the sheer marvellous 1950s dressed-up-ness of it all. What happened, when did leggings and a saggy tunic become the norm? 

'Is Jane an asset to the Abbey?'

T shirt Phase Eight £65, trousers Spirit £65

Shopping the week end before Christmas and Jane has trucked out her new navy velvet tee with tweed trousers - it's very cold, but bright. She tops it off with the Edina Ronay fur of uncertain vintage. The latter is falling to bits - lining hanging on by a thread - but Jane loves it dearly and refuses to give it up as no other coat lives up to its warm but light credentials. (PS what are those strangely dressed folk the background doing, Jane?)

'When you read you begin with ABC, when you sing you begin with Do, Re, Me'

Dress Asos , second hand from The House of Gallet,Arlesford £38
Coat Edina Ronay £150, White House Designer Sale 
It is Sunday and Beryl is singing in the church choir at the Carol Service and is rocking this combo. The cherub is optional, but only because no one has thoughtfully made one into a handbag. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading this blog and giving Jane and Beryl all your lovely feedback. If you like it, please share it with your friends on Facebook.  Oh, and here's to 2018 full of fun and style, what will we all wear?

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