Beryl and Jane Hang Loose

The Jubilee Pool Penzance.
 A rare example of a 1930s lido
It's August, and Jane and Beryl have decamped to separate establishments in Cornwall. August is a low tide sort of a month  when everything moves slower and seems to matter a little less. As Beryl and Jane adopt a slower pace of life, they drink loose tea and wear loose clothing. Anything tight or fitted is banned as just too much trouble in these dog days of summer. This year their late summer kit has also taken on a decidedly 1930s vibe, Beryl blames Jane watching re-runs of the Durrells.

It's blogging day and Jane has an idea. Lets make the easily duped and good-natured Beryl wear that ancient vintage swimsuit that's been lying at the back of her cupboard. Beryl puts it on, Jane laughs uncontrollably for a full 15 minutes. Jane's mother (89) then laughs for a further 15 minutes and demands to have her photograph taken with the poor sap Beryl. Beryl is just glad to have made everyone so happy. 
kimono £29 Zara, vintage Ghost dress
 and aged LK Bennett espadrilles

The sun may have gone in, but when does a detail like that stop Jane from wearing a capacious sun hat purely for the effect (affect-action, some might say) Never, Kimonos are perfect for covering the over-pastied tum-and pretty much anything else one wants to cover. 

Massimo Dutti blazer £99
 Monsoon linen trousers £39 
As a rule Beryl is chary of the baggy clothing item.  During her yummy- mummy years she often wore the uniform of  floppy-toppy and jeans, only to find that when she broke out a fitted dress, people would make comments, such as, 'We didn't know you had such a nice figure' 

However times and Beryl's figure are a changing, and as Jess Cartner-Morley

 pointed out in the Guardian this week 'loose clothes now look smarter and more modern than tight clothes'. What is certain is that they look a darn less 'try hard', which suits the WOACA's purposes a treat. WOACAs, Jane and Beryl find are all about looking happy in their own skin.  

Great plains blouse £32 (sale) pumps Next £25,
headband Anthropologie £29
M&S jumper £29, trousers £39, Rocket Dog pumps £16 TK Maxx

Still thinking that she is an extra from the Durrells, Jane's posing is getting more extreme. Henley seems to have gone to her head as she clutches and oar (or is it a blade in rowing parlance?) which is really a coat hook.


Blouse second hand £25

Along with the baggy this summer, Jane and Beryl are both toying with the folkloric trend.
Beryl's offering is this second-hand peasant blouse that apparently hailed from a market in Ibiza.
 Peasant blouses first appeared in British dressing in the 1930s as more women travelled abroad and brought these back as souvenirs. If irrefutable proof were needed Florence Petrides, the doctor's wife sports one in the Durrells. 

Zara £69.99
Jane nails the look with an embroidered, tasseled and be-coined jacket from Zara.

Ralph Lauren blazer £75 

White top Dr Bloom £79
Palazzo pants M&S charity shop £7

And what goes with baggy? well a little tailoring of course. Beryl has been lusting after  a fashion interpretation of the rowing blazer since the trip to Henley Regatta. This one came from a vintage shop in Penzance, and she can now report that the dreadful stink of damp has receded after three days on the clothes line to near acceptable levels.

     These white M&S charity shop crepe drawstring trousers, are a reasonable facsimile  of the marvellously named 'beach pyjama' of the 1930s. WOACAs in Beryl's humble opinion should reinstate the beach pyjama as 'a thing' immediately, as this deals deftly with any dodgy leg issues. If anyone suggests you are over-dressed. Just say in a very loud voice 'these are beach pyjamas darling!' no one will argue with the loud, middle-aged, deranged lady. 

Espadrilles £10 Seasalt sale. 

Top vintage LK Bennett, £3 Pri-mark 
Could Jane be accused of whimsical dressing-up here? Probably, but she cares not as she is feeling good about this outfit on two counts: it rocks one of her many favourite looks, namely Louisa Durrell chic and is completely eco-friendly using a whole pile of recycled finds from the back of her aforementioned cupboard.

Top M&S £12 in the sale
Beryl loves nothing better than a colourful door and, as red is her favourite hue props Jane up in front of a Cornish example. Jane always happy to oblige her increasingly batty friend stoically poses as M&S Woman. This is a title she is concerned about, never thinking that her wardrobe would justify it, as she is neither wearing a waterfall cardi, or badly fitting jeans. Beryl thinks she looks rather fetching and should be more grateful.    

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