Festivals of Britain 2017

Over the nest few weeks Jane and Beryl will be packing Jane's vintage Morris Minor with a charming picnic basket to sally forth to the festivals of Britain. Be it literary, history, music, stream trains or steam punk,
they have the appropriate kit covered. Bitter experience tells them that many a good event is marred by being NWE (Not Warm Enough), as Jane and Beryl are eternal optimists about British summer weather. Therefore, the watchword is layers, layers, layers with one of them waterproof. 

Raincoat £55 La Redoute, wellies Aigle

Jane hits the Chalke Valley History Festival near Salisbury every year to sit in a freezing marquee while the wonders of travelling through Iraq are extolled. Fellow attendees will know that the wind whistles down the valley and staying warm is usually an issue. She thus has donned many layers, the festival-goer's best friend, as well as a mackintosh, wellies and capacious handbag for her programmes, water bottle and cushion. 

Canvas shoes The Jacksons, White House Designer Sale 
Beryl loves orange, her car is a hint in this matter. She has not owned a poncho since her Granny crocheted her a particularly hideous bottle green and white number in the 1970s. Unpicked wool she suspects. This jaffa number is by Miss Sugar £39 and is so voluminous that it covers a multitude of sins and fills that warm all day but cold in the evening dilemma. This can be rolled up and placed in the Mary Poppins carpet bag, that accompanies every well equipped festival-goer.

Dress Sainsbury's £18, cardi H&M £14.99

Jane is looking very colour-coordinated in this dress and cardi combo (all an accident), but is very comfy. She has a T-shirt underneath for warmth and a bit of stout bootery on her feet in case of inclement weather (she means mud, of course). A large leather bag made by her friend Georgina from an offcut fills the capacious hold-all slot. The dress comes from Sainsbury's Tu Collection, which at £18 fulfils the tie-dye urge which Jane and Beryl have found has fallen upon them for a price that means Jane won't have a hissy fit if it falls in said mud.

Skirt East £75, Blazer Massimo Dutti £99 Euros,
pumps Zara £29, scarf charity shop £3 
Beryl has blatantly stolen Jane's look here, as it is normally Jane who favours the maxi skirt. This East beauty boasts 8 godets and has a lovely Ralph Lauren yachting club vibe. Beryl is wearing it with a Massimo Dutti blazer (both this season). This look Beryl thinks is perfect for those festivals that involve less discomfort and more tea-drinking, such as the Hay Literary Festival. 

Cardi and blouse both The White House Designer sale £28 and £20 respectively
jeans £18 Tesco

Jane is really a child of the sixties at heart and is showing off her credentials in her hippy-dippy floral car and stripy, fringy, tasselly, kit. Popped on with a pair of jeans complete with rips and she's raring to hit the festival scene, man.
Listening to the Berkley Ensemble at Chute Lodge, Mint Velvet dress £60,
Hobbs jacket £40, LK Bennett sandals £3. All pre-loved 
This tie-dyed dress was last year's unexpected triumph. An unstructured, second-hand, silk, Mint Velvet creation for £60. Beryl's summer clothes normally have a hint of Princess Margaret about them, (during the Townsend years rather than Lewellyn!) seem to be morphing into Jane's. Beryl was photographed at a classical recital, but would equally watch Tom Petty in Hyde Park on a hot summer's night.  

Mac Ilse Jacobsen £95, jeans Gap £49.95, shoes M&S £29.50

The flower child is now in the flower bed with thoughts of going to Chelsea Flower show in this outfit. The Mac is a great thing for the festival circuit in all its manifestations: completely water and wind proof it can equally be sat on as worn, and if Jane dribbles her tea down it, it won't matter. The white jeans, however, are probably not the best option (back to the mud issue again), but they are new and she loves them.

Dress White House Designer Sale £69, cardi £43, same sale

Jane again in a dress, the second in an afternoon - not something that happens on every blog. This very loose version is as capacious as her hand bag, and has the vibe of Frankie from the Netflix series  Grace and Frankie. As such, she will be sharing it with her daughter, aged 20, who is Frankie's biggest fan, also not something that happens on every blog.

M&S pink scarf £22, Seasalt brogues £65,
Phase Eight jumpsuit £99, vintage handbag £22 

Here is Beryl at the Goodwood Member's Meeting in March watching the vintage racing cars and listening to her son Gus White, performing his music. This outfit looks great, but was actually a bit of a disaster, as Beryl was not wearing nearly enough clothes, on what turned to be a very chilly day. Therefore she is vowing that this summer she will be doing a better job of layering. Beryl's life involves much emergency buying of pop socks, warm scarfs, etc in M&S at Waterloo station. While she is in there, she might like to consider purchasing a cashmere sweater. Jane and Beryl do not generally adhere to the cult of cashmere sweater owning due to pilling, moths, shrinking. However a cashmere sweater should be standard issue for all Brits in festival season. Light and warm and easy to stuff in a bag, a woman can go places.  

 Cost £179 Lasaison, Paris, from White CoCo, Hungerford

Some festivals require vintage dressing up,
Jane and Beryl snuggle up to Winnie at War on the Line, Alresford 

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