Supermarket Sweep, Jane and Beryl go
shopping for spring fashion  

As spring is in the air, Jane and Beryl's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of new season goodies in the shops, and this week it's the turn of supermarkets Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco's. 

Jane and Beryl get ridiculously excited at the prospect of a little supermarket clothes shopping. The prospect of a budget buy and the thrill of the chasing a great item, makes their heads swim. Talking of swimming Jane is appearing in swimsuits again: attention-seeking, Jane - never. Of the three, Asda comes in as Jane and Beryl's supermarket of choice, with Sainsbury's second and Tesco a miserable third.

Wrap £!4, Swimsuit £10
Swimsuit £10

Jane is feeling brave after the success of her hot tub picture last week (thank you everyone!) and dons the best of the costumes in Asda. First impressions of the range are good: most of them offer stomach sculpting (which Jane and Beryl adore), and the colours and patterns are attractive. Not only that, but they are all £10. Never a shrinking violet, Jane chose this fuschia pink as her hot favourite. Hmm, maybe not quite enough back fat sculpting for our Jane's liking. (This particular failing of Jane's is not so obvious in the figured bathing suit as the pattern distracts the eye away from the bulges).

Dress £16,  Shoes 14.

 There is something about this dress which is making Beryl sing 'Volare-An Evening in Roma'.  Sometimes Beryl is shocked by just how good budget kit can look, these dresses are £16, £16 people, £16. Beryl is channelling her inner Italian screen goddess here, Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida. Clearly all dark haired women need to stand in front of a yellow wall at all times. On the whole Beryl prefers the first dress to the second, as the neckline is more flattering. This little dress could be rolled up in carry on luggage, and be teamed with pumps or espadrilles for sightseeing or for supper in a little taverna, Beryl's getting carried way now. 

Dress £16, Shoes 14
However the shoes are a disaster (£14) on the mid-life trotter. They are hard and unyielding which despite their lovely blue colour, means that they cannot be forgiven. Now Jane and Beryl like a bargain shoe as much as the next woman, but comfort is paramount, and these do not cut the mustard. An expensive pair of shoes will upgrade an inexpensive dress every time, but inexpensive shoes will only cheapen a good dress, (according to Beryl's late mother) Best not to to argue. 

shirt £14

  Beryl and Jane are very shirt orientated at the moment. A lovely loose shirt and jeans is such easy laid-back dressing. The designs of these are soo pretty and oriental inspired patterns are all the rage. However, a WOACA word of warning, all these fabrics are very 'MAN-made' and therefore were making our all woman team rather 'hot', and not in a good way.

Jeans £14. Jacket £25,
Jane topped off the casual shirt and trousers with this military-inspired jacket which the designers at ASDA have given a soft touch with s smattering of pretty butterflies (beware these jackets come up very large, Jane is wearing a size 12 and it was HUGE). Useful for travelling and the many festivals Jane will be attending this year.

Tu at Sainsburys, Skirt £22 and Cotton jumper

At first glance Sainsbury's clothing range always has our fashionistas in a froth, nice colours, good patterns and a firm grasp of the current trends. The clothes like houses have lots of curb appeal. Sadly also like houses, you soon realise that that the utility room is inadequate and that there is a musty granny annex.

 Beryl decided to buy this skirt, which is metallic and swooshes and shimmers as she walks. Metallic is a big trend and Beryl has developed a penchant for knife pleats which she can't explain. She actually does not own a similar skirt. What they hear you cry, a hole in Beryl's wardrobe? It must be plugged immediately. This skirt in Beryl and Jane's opinion is the best sort of supermarket find, a garment where it is impossible to identify its origin or price point. The shoes Beryl also really liked, mid-height wedge, classy looking with nice little robe straps, they also come in navy.  

Boots Premium Collection £50

Jacket £32, trousers £25

Jane was attracted to this suit although together the two items did put her in mind of Coco the Clown meets the travelling minstrel show. It was a great price, but Jane feared that the fabric had more than a hint of the plastic about it. Beryl was very keen on it and had to be talked down from parting with her dosh. Jane's other beef with the jacket was it was not a perfect fit: but to be expected really as the tailoring required is beyond the £32 price point. 

Oh dear! what has happened here? Beryl seems to have aged 10 years. That will be the dull clothes or as Jane and Beryl are calling this look 'grim Granny'. Where's the colour? where's the life, but Jane and Beryl sometimes think that they should share the disasters as well as the triumphs. Beryl does however have a sneaking regard for the mac (£40), which has a little war-time vintage vibe, and is very comfy. The spotty blouse is pleated £18, and the wet look skirt is £18. Double pleats anyone, we think not. Shoes model's own. 

Jacket £25, shoes £16, trousers £20, handbag £18
Jane can't leave the jackets alone today despite her concerns about the fit. This one was better, in terms of fit and styling with added extras like the puff sleeve detail. The pin stripe trousers had an elasticated half-waist which while making them supremely comfortable, entirely put her off as the elasticated waistband is such a slippery slope. If anyone was fool enough to employ Jane in a real live office, these would be perfect.

Dress £18, plimsoles £10

Jane did not expect to buy anything for her holiday on a blustery day in March, but she is always open-minded  about her purchasing. This dress is her favourite tie-dye and is a very nice inky blue (how long the dye will stay put is another matter), and the plimsoles are a must-buy every year - why pay more when they will be trashed in a season? 

And for the love of Tesco, these are the meagre offerings. Beryl and Jane have a rule of thumb for blogging, which is that they will not blog anything that they would not consider wearing. Beryl found nothing in Tesco, that fitted this criteria on the day in question. Jane was luckier and purchased the Ian Drury and the Blockhead jeans: what's not to like for £18. 

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