Jane and Beryl's New Year's Honours List

                        or What they actually wore in 2016

Jane and Beryl have loved their year of blogging in 2016, and are hugely looking forward to 2017. Here, they review what they actually wore frequently, as opposed to their fanciful ideas that never made it out of the closet. The New Years Honours go to the garments below, while the rest goes in the charity bag. And what separated the goats from the sheep, the wheat from the chaff? Mostly quality, fit, comfort, and proportion. 

WOACAs, Jane and Beryl have found, do not like uncomfortable clothes or as Beryl's American friend would say, anything that involves "pantyhose". But what they do like is an indefinable quality of joy and pleasure at the wearing of something that makes our lovely WOACAs feel better about their middle-aged lot.

                    Best knitwear item 

The nominations are...

Beryl's star poncho  £60 second hand from
I Should Coco, Hungerford
Jane's striped cardi £28 from White House

And the winner is...

                                         ... marvellously Jane and Beryl agree upon the exceptionally wearable qualities of this Phase Eight jumper £59, because they both bought one.

Best skirt category

The nominations are...

Jane's Primark via the charity shop knife pleat skirt
Jane who favours a long floaty skirt, bought this £15
Mathew Williamson beauty also from a charity shop.

  And the winner is... 

Beryl's Monsoon second hand net skirt, bought for £12, always classy and fun and designed to
show off a well turned ankle. This has been worn into a cocked hat both summer and winter.

Best comfy flat shoes

The nominations are...

Jane's sparkly trainers from Venice £25,
worn till they fell to bits

And the winners are... Silver brogues from an Italian factory outlet for 19 Euros. 

And Ted Baker charity shop sparkly penny loafers £25.

Best trouser category

The nominations are...

Beryl's stripy trouser collection              

Jane's Oxford bags from Anthropologie (£120), have
been worn to death and were a complete triumph.
 The winners are... 

Jane's 'as seen in Vogue' M&S trousers for £45, still the shape for next season

Best summer dress category

The nominations are...
Great bit of Hobbs summer wear,  dress £150,
 topped off with a Goat Coat.
Jane's Anthropologie maxi dress £120 reduced
in the sale

The winner is...

This is hotly contested as Jane got chatted up by a rich Texan in hers, but since wearability, rather than 'pull-ability' is the criteria here, 
Beryl's Emily and Fin 'Minnie Mouse' dress for £85.     

Best handbag category

Red tote from Spirit, Devizes, £45
The nominations are... 

Jane's Orla Keily picnic basket reduced to £100 in the sale 

And the winner is... Jane's bobby dazzler of a Kate Spade bag from Tk Maxx, probably shamelessly paying more money is the way forward with handbags £149. 

Jane's vintage Wallis gold coat £40

Best evening coat category

The nominations are...

A second hand Laura Ashley coat £40
 doubles as day wear for Beryl.
This vintage pink silk coat is not strictly for evening only.
It cost £40 from Poot in Frome, and has played a blinder in the Summer posh dressing section. 
The winner is... 

By this point, Beryl is beginning to think that all her favourite clothes are second hand, but the winner is actually new, if not full price. Edina Ronay reduced in a sale from £695 to £150. 
Best evening wear

The nominations are...

Jane's velvet Paul Costelloe skirt and Caroline Charles
second hand top
This navy blue Phase Eight jump-suit bought for £85.

The winner is...
This was the stand out winner, Jane and Beryl both loved Jane's velvet Zara suit (trousers seen here with the Wallis gold jacket see above) which answered all the dressed up but not too try hard Christmas gathering dilemmas. Teamed here with another winner, a stripy top from The Hambledon £119. 

Best jacket category

The nominations are...
Beryl's second hand Hobbs jacket
bought with the labels still on  for £40

Jane's bargain of the year: tweed jacket reduced
from £200 to £70 from Cadogan
The winner is...

Jane's Moschino jacket is the no-brainer winner: £45 from Foxtrot in Marlborough
Best boot category

The nominations are...

Zara red boots £70, worn with ankle length trousers,
have been much worn everyday wear for Beryl in 2016

Jane's Top Shop embroidered boots £42

And the winners are

Red boots became a slight obsession with Beryl
who, quite often upon buying a longed for item,
    will find herself collecting more, with justifications such as,
 but these are longer, higher heeled, a better red. Jane just sighs ,
 but Beryl has worn both loads, honest.


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