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Bright and breezy, free and easy, all the nice girls love…nautical chic. Cruisewear, what to wear on a (posh) boat, call it what you will, crisp blue and white with a few stripes or dots thrown in is always a good bit of inter-seasonal kit for the Woman Of A Certain Age. Jane and Beryl are particular addicts and this week, they take the train to Cornwall where this look has 
particular charm against a backdrop of jaunty boats and (sunny) beaches. 

Jane and Beryl only blog what they do and would actually wear, however there are moments when errant nonsense takes over. Beryl heard a lady complaining that they had been coming to St Ives since 1979 and this was the coldest and wettest Easter they had ever known. So just to put the record straight there was one small break in the freezing rain when Beryl whipped off her coat and cardi and posed in her spotty jumpsuit. This garment is at least five years old and came from Phase Eight. It is also hilariously a bloke magnet. For some inexplicable reason best known to the male psyche, men seem to find jumpsuits strangely erotic, not judging, just saying.

Jane has been shopping in the boutiques of St Ives, but has added some almost vintage pieces from the back of her wardrobe to create an outfit with a bit of 'aloha' about it. The vest top is by French Connection (£45) and the bag by Vero Moda, (£14), both from Clotworthy's on The Wharf, while the rest of the outfit came from Phase Eight: trousers about £60 in the sale the year before last, and the frayed edge linen jacket (another small nod to current trends) about a hundred years ago, so Jane has no idea what it cost. Particularly notice the strange desert island pumps from a shop in Truro (and the upturned wine bottle under the sofa: Jane has evidently been having a good time).

Jane forgot her Spanx, so there are a few bulges where bulges have no business being in this Ralph Lauren dress. However, the simple T-shirt style in good ole navy never dates and always looks classy. It cost about £120 over ten years ago and has more than earned its keep. 

Trying to look warm when the temperature plummets…ahh, the life of a vintage model! Jane is wearing a top from this season's Anthropologie collection, which has the A-line shape that Jane and Beryl particularly worship as it disguises those bulges (see above). She has put it here with her Citizens of Humanity white jeans (we know, according to the magazines they are soooo last century, but Jane still loves them on the rare occasion she can find a well-fitting pair), and her glittery trainers, which have really given up the ghost, but a touch of red with the navy and white, Jane loves. 

In those jeans again, this time with a Great Plains top, £45 from Clothworthy's again (they love that shop!), and a Sloppy Joe cardi from Mango. This is another top with a forgiving shape and they had them in plain navy and other colours too. Jane was just about to stuff her face when this was taken so the the stretch in those jeans was just what she needed. She added granny's scarf around her flaxen locks, so taken was she with last week's Granny Chic. 

As it rained for three days there was nothing for it but the shops. Beryl found these shoes, Oxfords perhaps rather than Brogues (£65) in Seasalt. They are the most beautiful shade of yellow
and made Beryl's soul sing, even the box is lovely.  

Here they are again with Beryl's star trouser buy of 2016. These stripy trousers were £29 from Zara and have already had a good portion of their target 30 wears: (a new garment requires 30 outings to be considered green). This, Beryl likes to consider when buying anything brand spanking new, will it really get on her back that often? Obviously, the advantage of charity shop and vintage clothes is that by buying them you immediately prolong their life. Beryl is trying to find a yellow top to go with these, but the right colour is proving elusive. Here she is wearing a jumper which cost £22 from a local Cornish boutique called Azure in St Ives. This shop is a beloved haunt of all Beryl's mates.

Now the eagle-eyed of you may notice that this £10 Top Shop blazer appeared in Beryl and Jane's 'Granny Chic' blog, however, like most women Jane and Beryl need and want their clothes to give them as many different looks as possible. Jane thinks that this jacket is a repulsive colour, but Beryl is a devotee of its 'Auntie Brenda' vibe (tv's Stella). Here, she thinks it breaks out into an ice-cream flavour, perhaps orange sorbet, whereas the Laura Ashley handbag of last year (£45) is more watermelon, as she stands sandwiched between giant grapefruit.

Beryl would rather poke her eye out with a stick than buy a sensible item of clothing, the very word  'sensible' makes her inner goddess cry and lock herself in the loo. However, by day three of wet and cold, she did allow her husband to buy her this jacket which is Lazy Jacks and cost him £55. Then as he went to the cash till, the strangest thing happened, the skies cleared and a strange golden orb appeared in the sky. 

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  1. Jane" Where did you get that hat? Where did you get that hat?" It is marvellous! Love the "Vintage" Pose and outfits accordingly. You both looked "Swell" in this weeks Blog! J X





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